It’s You: A Breakup Story

It’s You: A Breakup Story is a narrative-driven video game where it is them, not you, even when it doesn’t feel that way. Play as Carlee, an overworked nurse who arrives home exhausted from a late shift at the hospital and just wants to unwind on Tweeter. Then her boyfriend calls. The game only has one ending; you decide how to get there.

I worked closely with the developer to create illustrations, UI, and logos for the game. It’s You: A Breakup Story is currently available on Steam.

This hospital painting wasn’t used in the final version of the game, but nonetheless, it was fun to work on.

The following designs were implemented into the final version of the game. When you chat with Josh, the boyfriend, you have a limited amount of time to reply to him; this is represented by the shrinking red bar. If you ignore him, that will affect what he says.

Due to Josh’s infatuation with his own “Healthvetica” app, we decided to give the UI a clean, Helvetica-inspired, modern look.

Here’s an early concept for the game’s ending. However, we didn’t implement it because it didn’t fit with the game’s messaging. It’s You: A Breakup Story is meant to explore abusive relationships and stimulate supportive discussions, so we decided to end on a more uplifting note. Since we don’t want to spoil the ending, get It’s You: A Breakup Story on Steam so you can experience the game yourself!

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