Dauntless – Web Design

From August 2018 to February 2020, I was responsible for overhauling the Dauntless website and redesigning pages based on the game’s new UI art style. Here’s a small sampling of the mockups I created. Some marketing images were created by other staff, and some were created by me.

The following mockup is for the hunt pass page. After the initial launch, our web developer has updated the content every season.

Here are some early sketches of the Dauntless roadmap page, followed by mockups that resemble the final product. The initial concept was too timeline-focused and didn’t reflect the ever-changing nature of game development, so we ended up launching a design that represented the more fluid nature of our game’s progress.

This is the mockup of the trials page. Like the hunt pass page, it is now updated by our web developer whenever there’s new seasonal content.


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