Cultural Alignments

This self-directed illustration project was done during my final year of study at Capilano University’s Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication.

In collectivist cultures, the interests of the group tend to be more important than those of the individual. “We” comes before “I.” These cultures value responsibility, discipline, humility, and helpfulness. Collectivism is usually associated with Eastern countries, such as China, South Korea, and Vietnam.

On the other hand, individualist cultures tend to place the interests of the individual before those of the group. “I” comes before “we.” These cultures value independence, freedom, creativity, and personal fulfillment. Individualism is usually associated with Western countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Self-serving violence is prevalent in evil individualism. A gangster exacts revenge on a greedy real estate agent.

In neutral individualism, apathetic laziness is the norm. A chubby, pampered house cat lounges in front of the fireplace.

Good individualism values freedom, creativity, and exploration. Colourful, bird-like creatures live in personalized houses that perch on cliffs.

The evil collectivism alignment is characterized by oppressive, militarized regimes. In the final painting, the concentric castle design references medieval military fortifications.

In neutral collectivism, order and discipline lead to monotony. The business-minded penguins wear suits and swim in methodical traffic lanes.

In good collectivism, society is governed by harmonious teamwork. Diligent bees work together to bring pollen back to their hives.


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