You can call me Viv. I’m an illustrator and designer for games, animation, and all things imaginary. I was born and raised in Vancouver, and I’ll graduate from the IDEA School of Design at Capilano University in April 2018.

Every good story needs a compelling tragedy, so I’d like to give you a taste of my family’s history. In the 50s, my grandfather illustrated comics and opened his own book store, but Mao’s communist regime confiscated his business. The regime framed all entrepreneurs and their family members as enemies of the government. As a result, my father was barred entry to university, even though he graduated from high school at the top of his class.

After two generations of misfortune, I’m the happy resolution. I view my life through a lens of gratitude, so I believe my greatest struggles are also my greatest learning opportunities. My fascination with the world fuels my creative pursuits. Instead of loading up on coffee, I load up on curiosity.

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604.600.7107 (local numbers please)